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The lights of the Botanical Gardens present

STELA, the journey of the Star of the East

La Concepción Botanical-Historical Garden of Malaga
November 27, 2022 - January 8, 2023

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A journey into Christmas tradition

Malaga hosted the Christmas event The lights of the Botanical Gardens. From November 27 to January 8, the Botanical-Historical Garden of La Concepcion in Malaga was again dressed in lights and colors with a new concept. This year The Botanical Lights presents STELA.

A new luminous route allowed visitors to accompany the Three Wise Men on their magical and surprising journey with the Star of the East .

The Botanical Lights came to Malaga for the first time last year receiving more than 110,000 visitors . This year we discovered STELA, astory known to all, as you have never heard it told before..

Christmas Garden Berlin 2019 | Field of Lights ©Christmas Garden/Michael Clemens
Christmas Garden Berlin 2017 | Schneegestöber ©Christmas Garden/Michael Clemens

A renewed tour

STELA the journey of the Star of the Orient with the Three Wise Men. The Botanical-Historical Garden La Concepcion in Malaga was transformed into the scene of the most important journey of our Christmas tradition

Millions of points of light illuminated a renovated route of more than 2.2 kilometers in length where more than 20 light installations will transport the visitor to historical places such as Persia, Babylon or Bethlehem

As night fell, the La Concepción Botanical-Historical Garden of Malaga, one of the most beautiful and important tropical gardens in Europe, presented itself to visitors in a way that this jewel of Malaga had never experienced before.


"Gardens bathed in color and tasteful experiences and twinkling lights everywhere will transport visitors away from their everyday lives, to a winter fairytale landscape and resplendent."


"The Councilor for Environmental Sustainability stressed at the presentation that this is an "unprecedented" experience, with which the history of "this wonderful place" is put in value"."

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